Master of my own disasters, Author of my own fate...

So if there is one lesson I have learned this week, it's to read, and re-read (and read again) my emails properly! 

The week started off juggling trying to get the extra 2 pages of the BSA booklet finished and wrapping my head around the finite details of pulling of the War Music exhibition. Then late Tuesday evening whilst perusing through the various crap that gets filtered into my junk email I noticed something a little less 'Lola from Indonesia wants to meet you!' (Who knows what I've used my email for to insight that kind of crap being sent to me) and a little more '...we are delighted to invite you for an interview...'

!!!!! Interview?! ME?! 

And it wasn't just any job, it was one of the jobs that I definitely didn't think I had even the remotest chance of getting an interview for! In the midlands, as Festival Co-ordinator for a really incredible arts festival that combines community inclusivity with contemporary art. WOW. I was so excited I could have been sick. This was such an amazing opportunity, and I would woo them with my enthusiasm and passion that they would love me (hopefully) and if nothing else it would be such a fantastic experience to have an interview for this kind of job. 

The interview was midday on Friday and I already had a trip planned to go down to Lichfield on Wednesday so I fiddled a few things around and made arrangements to see a friend in Coventry Wednesday night and then I would spend all day at my moms on Thursday putting together my presentation for the interview. Early night at my moms Thurs, even bought a new dress that said 'I am really awesome but you should definitely take me seriously' (which is a lot of pressure to put on an item of clothing) and I would be fresh and ready to make an impact Friday. Boom! Organised!

Wednesday went as planned, the trip down could have gone a little smoother (Insert hilarious anecdote of me wrestling with a diesel pump at the petrol station in the sweltering heat and covering myself in fuel) but I spent a good couple of hours photographing and measuring all of the display boards and plinths that I'm going to be using for the WM exhib so now I'm all set to make a pre-emptive floor/wall plan. I had a fabulous time with my friend in Coventry who cooked me a lovely dinner and gave me outfit advice with the pressure-laden dress - to belt or not to belt? 

Thursday was even better, I met a friend from university who is interested in the same areas of art as me and turns out we've been working on and thinking up similar concepts. So a half hour catch up, turned into a 3 hour planning session on how we could create a platform for community projects to promote engagement in culture. It's an idea with so many strings and so much heart, I left feeling enthused and inspired and ready, oh so ready for my interview the next day!

I get to my moms and start putting together my presentation, excitedly telling my step-father all about how this was such a great opportunity and how it made me feel that leaving my corporate job was exactly the right thing to do...and then I checked my emails. I had an email from the organisation at 6am this morning saying that if I had difficulty finding the centre today to call this number...

TODAY. NO. nonononono. I couldn't have been so stupid, could I?! 

Yes, yes. I am that stupid. The interview had been at 12.05pm that day and it was now 4.10pm. 

Retrospectively I realise that after reading the email I must have checked the date after midnight and therefore thought that Friday was the 9th. Ironically, in my application I sold myself as 'meticulously organised'. I couldn't have been more cross and upset with myself! I got in touch with the organisation and waited for their response, the guy I spoke to was lovely, even apologised that they couldn't offer me another time as they had to make a decision based on who they had met today. 

The silver lining is that he has invited me to go across and meet him in the next few weeks as they are interested in my art practice after looking at my website. I am now just waiting to hear back on a date, so I guess not it's not all bad. And I finally feel like I'm stepping out in the right direction and that even though I didn't actually attend the interview, just getting invited is progress. 

So the moral of the this downright stupid story is...check the flaming calendar properly Samantha!