Desolation and positivity.

It's been two weeks since I've posted, I actually managed to max out my time/brain capacity last weekend plus had the added obstacle of a delightful chest infection. 

A lot has happened since my last post, in my own little orbit and of course our decision to bow out of the EU - something which has left me with this horrible black hole of despair in my gut. I'm still reeling, and angry and frustrated and, and...words fail me. I had this moment when sat smoking on the doorstep yesterday where I realised that I just don't know how to 'carry on', or 'get on with it' because I can't even begin to redefine myself within everything thats happened. I once argued that one of the things that makes our country great is that we accept everyone. Oh how wrong I was. I understand that when it comes down to it that everything that happens now could end up having a positive effect on the UK in the long run. But I just can't see through the devision and hatred, the level of social engineering which has caused so many people in this country to vote leave out of fear and hatred, the lies perpetuated by the media and the establishment, the acts of violence being committed. And this attitude of 'we need to join hands and forge a new Britain' is just infuriating, I feel cheated and disgusted, I don't want to forget, or get on with it, I want to shout, I want to scream so much it hurts. More than anything what I really feel is empty, and what I need to do is find a way to renew my faith in humanity. 


On a positive note, during the last 2 weeks I've had a meeting with the centre manager of BSA, who has agreed that the booklet will be funded and has given me the go ahead for the launch event, hopefully sometime in August. He has also asked that the studio members page and the gallery info page be separate items of the same aesthetic, so the book is now in 3 parts: the original and mostly finished activity booklet, a a4/a5 studio holders slip in sheet, and A6 flyer with the gallery details on. All of which will hopefully be ready to go to print in the first week of July.  

I'm now in the final countdown to the War music exhibition, which will open on Friday 1st July. I have 2.5 days to implement the hours and hours of pre-emptive plans and turn it in to a balanced, informative and hopefully semi-interactive display. I'm heading over to Lichfield tomorrow afternoon to begin sorting through the material that has come up from RAM - and I'm keeping all of my fingers crossed that I've planned for every eventuality. With limited time to hang the show, I've had to put together a 2D mock-up of the space, which has the items labelled in the appropriate orders, fitted inside the array of size-varying display boards and cabinets. All of which may be useless depending on a series of variables that I just haven't been able to predict - whatever the obstacles, I'm sure I can make it work. I've also taken on the printing/mounting of all of the supporting text as items may have to be excluded/moves during the hang which will significantly affect these - so I'm doing that tues/weds night - it's going to be a busy few days! 

I also went to see The Brutalist Playground last weekend and I've written a review for The State of the Arts, you can read it here:

 I really enjoyed our visit to the show, and I'll definitely be going back before it closes in September. It's so inspiring to see/touch/feel the kinds of projects that I would love to one day pull off myself. 

I've finally arranged to meet with the Festival Director from the interview I missed, the meetings tomorrow morning and I'm so excited and enthused to have a conversation with an arts professional that has shown a genuine interest in my practice (irrespective of the fact that I can't read a calendar properly) - so more on how that goes next week! 

Lauren (Heywood) and I have started working on document that explores the concept of Community Collective and what that could become, this gave me a great opportunity to start thinking about how the project could become a reality, it's intent and what we need to do get going. It' s difficult making any real progress when we live 2 hours apart and both have our own jobs/projects on the go, but hopefully we should have some time to catch-up whilst I'm in Coventry this weekend and we can get the ball-rolling. I think this particular projects aims of inclusivity and being a platform for community collaboration is now more even more important - given recent political events. The result of the referendum has left me feeling more than a little impotent, so it seems to me that this is the right way to channel that feeling into being a force of good in the world. 

I feel like this post is more of a brief catch-you-up than anything else, hopefully next week I'll have the time and inspiration to get my rant head back on and start delving deeper into current projects and their potential reach. And maybe I'll feel a little less desolate.