Here's to bar jobs and blue, wait no, green/purple/silver hair...

I recently quit my full-time corporate job in order to pursue...things a little more 'me'. I've decided to document my adventure into life as an 'emerging artist' (whatever that is!), and so this blog will reflect upon my successes and more often, perhaps even more importantly, my failures. I want to create a discussion about 'What it's really like...', because lets face it, we fail more often than we succeed, and quite often we're running around in circles wondering which way is up and which direction we should be heading in...or maybe that's just me! 

Print Day

SO, here goes...I've been volunteering at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield for about 3 months now, shortly after I started, the Project Co-ordinator asked me to work on what I've been calling an 'engagement project' in the shape of a Scavenger hunt that seeks to highlight the centre's permanent works collection. Since finishing working full-time in an office last week, I've finally managed to put a final draft together which is now printed and in the 'Tell me what you love/hate stage', I'm hoping that sometime in the near future the gallery are going to let me organise a launch event...but more on that when it's not just a thought I have floating around in my head. 

I started working in a pub again this week, because bills still need paying and its WAY more fun than being an Office Manager! The decision to quit my reasonably well paid job to go back into bar work was really difficult and had been a long time coming, but in the end I decided that it was the best decision for my sanity and this last week has been a lot brighter than the last few months. I've been having difficulty navigating my way through other people's perspective on success, and I've finally come to the point where I'm going to be the 'me' that I am, rather than the 'me' I think I'm supposed to be - which began with dying my hair seven different shades of ridiculous (still not entirely sure whether this falls under failures or successes column but its definitely an interesting shade of something).

Applications - I'm going to talk about these a fair bit in the blog as it's what I seem to spend most of my time doing - looking at art jobs/commissions, starting applications for art jobs, talking myself out of applying for them because I don't quite fit person specification or have a trillion years experience, giving it a bash anyway and endlessly clicking refresh on my email in the hope that the 17th version of my CV is bang on this time... Last week I applied for a commission project which I heard back from on Monday - not successful this time, 'but if we had one more slot it would have been you. All the best for the future...'. It might just be lip service but at least it wasn't a flat NO. A few months ago any unsuccessful response hit me really personally and made me shy away from applying for anything else, now it's still as gut-wrenching but I realise that the point is to keep trying, and keep trying and keep trying. 

So that's been the first week, its been swift and smiley...hopefully next week will hold more success, maybe, probably not - but that's the words of my sorely missed partner in crime ''s ok, we're going to be famous by Friday.'