Adventures into the Twitterverse...and a good old rant.

This week started out with a pretty catastrophic hangover that has slowly developed into a stinking summer cold. But it's ok because I have kicked ass this week - namely my own! Not only have I started AND kept up a daily work out routine but I'm now also 6 days completely cig free! I will however be dragging my e-cig along with me to work in the pub later, I'm not entirely fooled by my all of my new found will power...

And while I'm all power and positivity this week, this weeks blog is currently flowing out of me as a massive, somewhat nonsensical rant...

Practicing - not practicing: What are you when you're an artist who's not making any art?

My least favourite thing about going back into the world of bar work is the question that rears it ugly-intrusive head on a nightly basis - 'So, what ELSE do you do?' Now I'm all for friendly conversation, I mean I couldn't work in a bar if I wasn't, but the frequency in which I get asked this question, in this manner leaves me trotting out the same over-rehearsed epigraph about my existence as a creative individual. Using words like 'emerging' and 'practitioner' because secretly you don't feel like you can call yourself an artist - at this point in your career the only person who ever paid you for making art is, well, you. (Apart from that one time I bullied my brother into buying one of my paintings, cheers for that week's food bro!)

But more importantly, what do you say if you're an artist - a 'practitioner' and you're not currently practicing? Explaining to someone that you like to make things that people can interact with always leads to the follow up 'So what are you working on right now?'...Well right now, Dave, I'm trying desperately to think of an idea that explores the relationship between participatory art and community, democracy and emancipation from a totalitarian system in which we do not understand the language used to define the world in which we live. All the while applying for projects that will develop my career and learn how to use social media as a tool to expand my reach. And no, there's not much money in that, Dave. 'So how is THAT art?' Just fuck off, Dave.

Once again it comes back to other peoples perception of success, every time we meet someone we subconsciously weigh them against your own internal scale, and peg them appropriately - measured and neatly categorised. But you're not so easily defined if your heart lies within the creative sphere: you don't care about money? stuff? fancy job titles? Let me bash all of the enthusiasm out of you so you conform to my perfect pigeon-hole sized boxes.

It's a frustrating bi-product of the disparity between the lives of people that have an active interest in art and that those whose is passive or non-existent. Art's not for everyone and some people just don't get it, or don't want to... which is totally acceptable. Each to our own and all that...but if I had a penny for every time someone asks me 'So what do you paint?', well I'd be a lot less poor than I am now. Maybe - I'd probably just spend it all on art anyway.

AND BREATHE...I guess thats been rattling around in my head for a while now. I'll move on to this weeks adventure update...

Twiiterverse of the few things that you're actually 'taught' when you do an Art/Design degree is to essentially ram yourself down the throat of as many people as possible via social media. I shied away from putting my work on Facebook throughout uni, I wanted to wait and put together a website (which I did eventually get round to). But they also wanted a regular blog, tumblr, twitter, linked in...ram, ram, ram, ram. So I set up Twitter in 2011, immediately hated the concept (because I'm clearly never going to keep anything to 140 characters), linked it to my instagram and then pretty much haven't looked at it since. So I've spent this week spending about an hour a day initiating a #socialmediamakeover and perusing the zillions of creative organisations that use it. It's an incredible tool, I'm a total granny when it comes to hashtags and a bit nervous of airing my views and tagging people, but can already say I'm a convert. Now I just need to tweet lots of interesting things so the hundreds of pictures of my cats and my ex disappear into the bowels of the internet. 

Applications... I have absolutely smashed it on the applications front this week. I think I'm up to about 6, which is a bloody lot considering that no two are remotely the same and my CV is part illustration so it's not just like chopping up a few sentences in word. I finally feel like I have a workable CV, and have found it quite surprising that I've drawn out quite a few practical strengths from my time as Office Manager, maybe it wasn't a complete waste of my life after all. Anyway so I heard back from an internship that I applied for at the start of the week, which once again was a 'we will not be inviting you for interview this time...' BUT 'we do have a project you might be interested in...'!! Cue me jumping around the house with excitement for a good 10 minutes. 

I'm not going to give too much away because I want to find out more and get it confirmed, so there will hopefully be more on that in a few weeks time! Either way, its positive and exciting an a baby step in the right direction. 

I've waffled on far too long this time so thanks for reading, I'll continue to bang my head against the proverbial brick wall (ooooh performance piece?) next week and hopefully, possibly, maybe, have more exciting news soon...

@pixiewilliams (RAM, RAM, RAM!)