Community collective 

COMMUNITY COLLECTIVE is a socially engaged practice model. The model seeks to strengthen and build positive relationships by working collaboratively with Community groups to offer new experiences to other Communities. Creating the opportunity for the Collective to grow, through shared experiences and develop into a network whose sole purpose is to share in each other's creativity - whatever form that may be.

Part research, part social experiment - Williams worked with two small groups of Art & Design students (one from Bournville College and one from Coventry University) to create two new pieces of interactive art based on a series of sub-themes that centre around the concept of Community.  The two projects occurred simultaneously, Williams lead each group of students through a devising process over 5 weeks, culminating in a live event in which the student's peers were invited to participate in a shared activity. 

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COLLECTIVE A were concerned with the 'isolation and negative affects on community created by technology'. They invited their peers to take part in a 7 day project via Whatsapp messenger. 7 instructions were sent out anonymously (1 per day) inviting the participants to respond via text/image/video/sound. The responses were then curated into an aesthetic experience for the participants to explore at the live event. The participants were asked to create and develop a new community through a series of tasks inspired by their responses. 



COLLECTIVE B explored the idea of 'community locality' and how community spaces are developed based on the environment and restrictions they are subjected to. They resolved to have 2 sessions in which participants would be invited to create a cityscape. The first session would be 'building Dystopia' and the second would be 'building Utopia. The group devised rules, aesthetic objects and techniques for each session to create two very different aesthetic environments and atmospheres.